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Your Wellbeing

Are you out of work and looking to get back into employment? Maybe you’ve just finished school or college and feel like your personal circumstances are holding you back? Whatever your situation, we have a range of services that can help you get to where you want to be.

Wellbeing in young people: in conversation with Kemoy Walker

Youth Worker and Pastoral Manager, Kemoy Walker, is an advocate for mental health support. In this video, he shares his top tips to help you keep your wellbeing in check and discusses why it’s so important for young people to take care of their mental health.


Improving your resilience 

As you go through life, you can often be faced with challenges that can really test your resilience. However, changing your outlook can put you in a better position to cope with stress and deal with difficult situations. We’ve shared some helpful tips to help you become a stronger and more resilient person.


Speaking out and seeking help 

Research from Always Designing for People shows that 31% of workers wouldn’t feel comfortable disclosing a mental health condition to their manager. But Andy Hall from our Business Growth Hub team did just that – and not only does he feel supported, his relationships with his colleagues are now stronger than ever.

Andy has shared his advice on speaking out and managing your mental health in the workplace, and you can hear more about his personal battles with mental ill-health in his inspirational TED Talk.


Taking steps to get back into work 

Being unemployed can really impact your mental health and wellbeing. You might have financial worries as a result of not working, or perhaps not having a job is making you question your self-worth. But, staying positive and being proactive throughout a period of unemployment can really improve your wellbeing and your job prospects. One of our Learning Mentors shares his expert advice to help you find work again.


GC Education & Skills: making your wellbeing our priority 

If you’ve recently left school or college but are worried that your personal circumstances are holding you back, we’re here to help. Here at GC Education & Skills, we offer Key Workers at each of our training centres who can support you with whatever’s going on in your life - and help you to achieve your goals. Read on to find out more about the support we can offer to young people like you.

GC Stories: Margaret Atkinson 

“I am now back in a job which I feel is right for me, and I intend to stay until my retirement”

Margaret Atkinson 


After a four-year period of unemployment, Margaret’s wellbeing started to suffer. She desperately wanted to find work again and to get her life back on track. We’re pleased to say she’s now in a job that she loves, and even hopes to undertake mental health training so she can support her colleagues with their personal challenges. Find out how her circumstances changed.


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