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Wellbeing and you in 2019

Getting back into work: a Learning Mentor’s top tips to help you find employment 

It’s no secret that employment is good for your mental health and wellbeing – whereas lack of work has quite the opposite effect. The longer you remain unemployed, the further your wellbeing will deteriorate.

As a Learning Mentor for GC Employment, it’s my job to break down the barriers that are preventing people from securing work. If you’re currently struggling with unemployment, here are some of my top tips to help you find work and improve your health.
  1. Stay Positive - Being unemployed is pretty common – in fact, most people are unemployed more than once in their career, so you’re definitely not alone. You might have a lot of negative feelings about your circumstances, which make it difficult to be upbeat, confident, and energetic. Depression and anxiety are 4-10 times more prevalent among people who have been unemployed for more than 12 weeks. Therefore, surround yourself with positive people, and, if possible, as many employed (or unemployed-but-positive) people as you can. Do not do your job search on your own. Misinformation and bruised egos can lead job-seekers to make assumptions that are not always correct. When people say, ‘I’m not getting offers because I’m too old, too young, too experienced, too inexperienced, etc’, those are misconceptions and not usually based on reality most of the time. 
  2. Be pro-active  - Some of the worst things job-seekers can do are staying at home, avoiding networking or just not following through an opportunity. Instead, complete tasks, send emails and make the follow-up calls. Keep your CV up-to-date, learn new skills and keep up with what’s in-demand in the marketplace.
  3. Network  - Talk to people; get on Social Media and make connections on LinkedIn and Twitter. Not only is this good for growing your network, it will also help you to get familiar with the technology that recruiters use. Employers often compare an applicant's CV with their LinkedIn Profile to verify the facts on the CV. If you don't have a LinkedIn Profile, there is a chance that your application won’t be progressed. The assumption made is either that you are out-of-date with how business works today, or that you are hiding something. 
  4. Be flexible - Today’s workforce needs to be more mobile than ever. If you cannot imagine leaving your home area, you may overlook some great opportunities that require moving. If you’re unable to relocate for whatever reason, consider whether you can work from home or take on self-employment. 
  5. Be realistic - If you’re getting by on Universal Credit and similar benefits, it may be tempting to wait for the exact job you want and deserve. You may think taking a lesser job will hinder your career path; however, long-term unemployment could do even more damage to your CV, wellbeing and bank account. Take the right job for now, do it to the best of your ability and keep networking until you find the right job for you.


Only you can make this work, so what are you waiting for? Take the opportunities available, consider re-education, develop new skills, volunteer. Understand what employers require from you and focus on achieving them.

Don’t forget that the Growth Company Employment offers range of employment programmes that are designed to help you build your confidence, boost your skills and ultimately, get back into sustainable work. You can find out more about our various programmes here.

Good luck!

Maurice Angland, Learning Mentor, The Growth Company Employment


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