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Business Wellbeing

People spend around one third of their lives at work, so it’s safe to say that jobs can have a huge impact on health and wellbeing. Luckily, employers are increasingly seeing the value of creating a happy, healthy workplace culture. Discover how you can make improvements in your business that will help to boost staff retention and productivity.


Improving staff wellbeing: our experience of agile working 

Earlier this year, we introduced agile working arrangements to give our staff better flexibility and to help improve their work-life balance. Six months on, our new way of working has positively impacted the wellbeing of our staff. Read on to find out how a more flexible approach to work could also benefit your business.


GC Stories: Fourteen IP Communications reap the benefits of Leading Well

The Leading Well programme helps leaders and managers to promote workplace wellbeing and create a working environment where everyone can thrive. Find out about one organisation’s experience of the initiative, and see how it helped them to make positive changes that are already making a real difference to their staff.


Should mental health training be compulsory for managers?

Here at the Growth Company, we ask all managers to attend mental health and wellbeing training to help put them in the best possible position to support their teams. Carla Nuttall, our Director of Marketing and Communications, recently attended one of the sessions. She reflects on what she got out of the training, and discusses how she plans to put what she learned into practice. 

Flexible working and the potential impact on your staff

An integral part of our marketing team, Ben Jones has experienced mental health problems which have previously impacted him in the workplace. In this video, he discusses his initial apprehensions around agile working, explains what the reality has been and shares his tips for anyone who may be experiencing similar challenges.


5 benefits that can improve staff wellbeing 

34% of UK workers have felt ill due to stress, so there’s an increasing need for health to be at the forefront of your company benefits package. If you’re thinking of ways that you can make your benefits package work harder for the wellbeing of your staff and your business, here are some perks that you could consider introducing.

Mental Health First Aid training

We’re proud to offer Mental Health First Aid training both internally to our staff and externally to other business. One of our trainers, Roger Chapman, discusses the importance of having mental health first-aiders in the workplace. Find out why it’s something that your business needs to invest in.


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