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Wellbeing and you in 2019

Should mental health training be compulsory for managers?

Last month I was pleased to take part in one of GC’s mental health and wellbeing training courses. As usual, there didn’t seem to be enough time in the week to commit a day out of the diary, but it seemed important to make the effort. As a manager, I think it’s hugely important to understand how you can support your team, and to ensure that you’re equipped with the tools to do so. Also, on a personal level, if you don’t take the time to look after your own mental health and wellbeing - how can you be in the best position to support others? I duly signed up.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the day – PowerPoint, yes; workplace montage in lego, possibly not! It was surprisingly fun but there were some challenging moments of self-reflection.  

I have always considered myself to be an empathetic person and manager, however I still took a lot away from the session. I learned that we can all be better at saying less and listening more, and that it is much harder to suspend your immediate judgement of a person or a situation than you might at first think. It has made me stop, think and challenge myself, and to consider what support or training I might need to put in place for my team.  

I also learned a great deal about the negative language associated with mental ill-health - and as a communicator, the importance of understanding and challenging terminology that we all freely use, often subconsciously, without considering how we might be reinforcing certain stereotypes or a negative work culture around the issues.  

As a result of the workshop, I’ve sought advice from our wellbeing experts at the Growth Company and HR colleagues to develop a bespoke session for my team. I’ve also communicated that no matter how busy I might seem, I am never too busy to listen. 

I’m finding it much easier to take the time and space I need to look after myself - for example addressing lifestyle stressors like poor diet and exercise, and understanding what triggers my own stress levels.  

I would certainly encourage all workplaces to make mental health and wellbeing training compulsory for staff. It’s so important that we make and take the time to look after ourselves and support others.  

Carla Nuttall,  Director of Marketing and Communications - The Growth Company


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